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    Letter from our Treasurer

    Since January of 2021 we have taken Dr. John Rossi’s dream (and hard work!) of creating a botanical garden in St. Johns County Florida closer to reality. To that, we are an accredited 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation with the Federal Government, and with the State of Florida, as well as a registered business with St. Johns County, Florida.

    At this time, we have expanded the size and scope of St. Johns Botanical Garden to include a Nature Preserve. The Preserve is exactly that: a Nature Preserve. We took an existing path and made it more accessible to Deep Creek, which runs through the center of the property, and makes this an ideal area for a Nature Preserve. Adjacent to the creek trail is being made into a relaxing picnic area, including a gently babbling fall, uncommon to Florida! Otherwise, nothing will be changed in this Nature Preserve, and it will remain exactly as we found it.

    In the Collections area, we are proud there are over 350 species of palms and over 50 species of cycads already planted and flourishing, more being added every day. We also have numerous other species of native, xeriscaped, and appropriately cultivated plants for our unique location. St. Johns Botanical Garden and Nature Preserve is a special place. We are located in Hastings, Florida, and the property has many oak trees–some estimated as old as 300 years, or more, and which have created a large canopy that gives our palms and plants a beneficial greenhouse effect in the winter. This is why we say, “This is where the Tropics Begin!”

    But as a Nonprofit Corporation we are in need of founding donations, any amount is welcome and is totally tax deductible, and when we open in the Fall of 2022, Memberships will also be available.

    The St Johns Botanical Garden and Nature Preserve is also actively recruiting volunteers of all ages and skills that are willing to not only help at the property, but also learn and teach in a place of peace! You can donate through this website, or contact any of the Board Members to donate or volunteer at St. Johns Garden and Nature Preserve—be a part of St. Johns history!